The Effie - Children's storage display

The Effie - Children's storage display


Slot & Groove introducing - The Effie. 

We have spent the last year testing and developing our urban slot & groove storage solutions. Based in the heart of Manchester City Centre we have served many customers who wanted to make the most of every inch of space in their city homes. The Effie is the only storage unit you would need for your child's room - forever. 

Our sleek scandi-style design offers you the option to extended your shelf through its life in all directions. Yes that's right you can change the depth, height and the width of the whole unit. 


Our storage design has been tried and tested from DIY novice to IKEA champion and it is fool proof! From our detailed instructions we will talk you through how it goes together so you can create any of our designs (see images) BUT we encourage you to throw the rule book out the window and get creative.


The full size of the piece as photographed is 

Height - 2155mm
Width - 1215mm
Straight Up - 176mm  // Double Depth - 264mm  // The Cascade -  352mm

Effie's Groove - FAQ

- Built with high quality 12mm Birch Plywood.
- Finished with a hard oil wax
- Made to order in three to four weeks. 
- Easy to assemble follow guide with pictures and instructions.
- Completely modular in height, width and shelf depth.
- Fixed to the wall with an easy fit French Cleat.
- Each piece has been cut with grooves which allow you to simply slot the vertical and upright pieces together. 


About us - It is our mission to improve the way we store, to make pieces that last not only benefits your pocket but also reduces waste in the environment. Birch trees are a fast-growing species native to northeastern Europe, the abundance and speed of growth of Birch trees means that it causes minimal devastation or destruction of biodiversity when they are cut down. Which is why they are our first choice when creating your everlasting slot & groove. 


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