Meet Marmite Vintage


A little note from where marmite vintage was born..


“There’s more than enough clothes existing in the world already. I stopped shopping anywhere that sold mass produced clothing a few years back.

The excitement of finding something one off is far greater than mindlessly ordering one of the millions off Asos. My love for finding unique treasures became a profound obsession that I filled all of my spare time with.

Naturally - as a result, Marmite was born. 

Marmite captivates my love for colourful, creative, & daring fashion.

I travel all over to find recycled items - thrift stores & every charity shop under the sun. Amongst visiting the glamorous back alley locations with warehouses stacked up to the ceilings with used clothing, I spend hours hand sifting all the best bits. It’s similar to hunting... minus the gun. 

The difference is... you can sleep easy knowing a few less of aunt trisha’s devilish delights aren’t being sent landfill.

It’s important that I choose the very best quality pieces so that the product lasts another lifetime for its new owner... giving people a taste for that Marmite flavour!”

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