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Born from the desire to give opportunities to local artists and makers, we have evolved from a tiny 8-stall market in the loading bay of an old mill in Ancoats to a multi-event organisation.

We are proud to announce we are also a CIC! As a not for profit organisation it means we can actively fundraise and drive our community engagement forward.


Our mission is to play a part in closing the social and economical gap it the arts. 

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Where we started...

Ancoats Pop Up was founded in 2020 during the pandemic to give artists, makers and creatives a space to showcase their work. This also gave the community a chance to shop local, quality handmade items. We hosted 8 food and craft stalls in the loading bay of an old mill, hidden away in the backstreets of Ancoats and over 400 people showed up for our launch day! 

...where we are now

Today, Ancoats Pop Up hosts a craft market at Cutting Room Square on the second weekend of each month and at KAMPUS on the last Sunday. We are different because we curate each event. This ensures diversity, variety and originality. We work closely with makers to ensure they receive appropriate recognition and representation. We are a not-for-profit community interest company which means we are actively fundraising for projects that will drive us forward on our mission to make arts accessible for all. 

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